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Ever After

Save the Date

It was just supposed to be one little date...
Chicago firefighter Noah Summers lives his life in the closet; it’s just easier that way... even when that means being auctioned off for charity. The prize for whichever lucky lady wins is a date.
Except it's not a lady who wins, it's a man--a cute, sweet, wonderful man who is everything Noah never dared let himself want.
But what's Christmas for, if not a little magic?

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A few photos are all it takes for Owen Hart’s world to change in an instant. Outed to the public eye after what was already a rough breakup, the actor is more than glad to flee to a small Washington town to film his next movie so he can try to put himself back together. When he runs into a cute local, well, what’s the harm in a rebound? He can have fun for a few weeks, then walk away when filming ends and never have to think about James again. Except thinking about him is all Owen can do, and as time ticks down until filming is over Owen isn’t sure if he can walk away…or if he even wants to.

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Divine Intervention

When I agreed to sit in on my sister’s class to keep her from failing, I never expected him to walk through the door. Professor Rafian Castelli is stunning and all I can think about is how much I want to get my hands on him.
Our one-time rendezvous is supposed to be just that--a quick, fiery romp with no strings attached. We part knowing we’ll never see each other again.
There’s just one little problem…

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